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Here are some updates since we posted our original scamwatch feature:

Online Headshots

Some legitimate performing arts agencies have recently embraced the World Wide Web as a way to market their clients. In fact, if you work with an agent, the agency may already be posting your headshot online on their site. They can use your online headshot or portfolio as a way to communicate information about you to casting directors.

Don't confuse this with solicitations from so-called online agencies whose only function is to collect your money and place your headshot online. Generally, these folks are asking for your money -- anywhere from $20 to several hundred dollars -- for posting your headshot online. And that's all they do. Sometimes, these are merely small web developers simply trying to earn some money with an online business. Sometimes, they're well-organized scams.

But in almost all cases, these folks have have little or no clout in the industry and have no more results than if you simply placed your headshot online on a free web site. The web is a huge place, and there's no guarantee that any of these people can provide the end result of making industry connections for you.

Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau, that long-established repository of consumer information, tracks performing arts scams in a number of cities. You can check with your local chapter to find out of the agent or contest or school you're considering has complaints against it.

But if BBB doesn't have any information about the entity you're inquiring about, don't assume that that entity is legitimate. Many performing arts scam artists operate in a fly-by-night fashion, by frequently switching names or cities where they're operating. Consequently, they may yet not show up on the BBB radar.

So, use the BBB only as a starting place for your inquiry into potential scams.

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