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Starting at Zero: Headshots

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What to Expect: p.2
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Cost: p.4
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The Shoot: p.7
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Headshots Online?: p.10

What You Should Expect
From Your Photographer

In cities where there are sizable performing arts communities, headshot photographers should know the drill. In smaller communities, however, they may not be as familiar with the way things are done. Generally speaking, most professional headshot photographers work in similar ways. When you first meet with a photographer, you'll sit down and discuss what you're looking for. The photographer will, in all likelihood, offer to show you samples of his or her work. (If the photographer doesn't offer, be sure to ask to see them.)

35mmYour prospective photographer should also provide you with a quote for fees for the photo shoot. Usually the photographer will include a certain number of rolls of film (usually 36 shots per roll) in that quote.

The photographer should also include proof sheets from your session in that fee (more about proof sheets later). Additionally, they may choose to include a print or two in that session fee, but that's not always the case; they may instead charge a per-print fee.

In many cases, photographers will retain your negatives in their files. This is a fairly standard procedure. While it may seem like you should receive the negatives to do with what you please, you should remember that this is how photographers make their living, too. Besides, if at some time in the future you need additional copies of different shots, the photographer can have them printed from his archived negatives.

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Finding a Photographer

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