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Starting at Zero: Headshots

Setting Goals: p.1
What to Expect: p.2
Finding a Photographer: p.3
Cost: p.4
Dos and Don'ts: p.5
Getting Ready: p.6
The Shoot: p.7
Your Proofsheets: p.8
Makin' Copies: p.9
Headshots Online?: p.10

During the Shoot

What happens during an individual shoot depends, in large part, upon the photographer's style of working.  Don't be expecting shouts of "Fabulous, baby! Make love to the camera!"  (If you do hear that, or anything similar, you might want to verify the date by asking to see today's newspaper -- you may have inadvertently time-traveled back to the seventies.)

A good photographer, however, will interact with you. The photographer will probably ask you to move around a little, sit, stand, lean over, tilt your head forward or back. He or she may engage you in conversation to provoke a variety of responses. Go with it.

Remember that, by the time you get to the actual shoot, you've done all of the groundwork -- deciding on what you're trying to market, selecting your clothes and hairstyle, and all that we've talked about thus far.  So there's really very little left to do.

The best thing you can do to make the shoot successful is simply to relax and be yourself.

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Your Proofsheets

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