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Frequently Asked Questions

Last Updated: Saturday, April 15, 2000

"I represent an arts organization. How do I submit an audition for posting on"

There are two ways to submit an audition:

The easiest way is to use the Submit Listing feature. It is available from the Auditions menu on every page. On the form that is displayed, select the audition category and complete the other fields. Then, click on the "Submit" button. Your browser displays a "Thank You" page if your submission is successful.

Alternatively, if your audition listing is too complex to fit into the form (or if for any reason you are experiencing trouble with the submission form), you can submit a listing via E-mail to If you use this method, be sure to include complete information regarding times, dates, locations, organization name, etc.

"I filled out the submission form and got the 'Thank You' message. Why doesn't my listing show up?" does not post your submissions immediately. Instead, we try to confirm the legitimacy of each submission. For each real submission we receive, we get several erroneous listings, blank forms, and pranks. We think it creates a more valuable service to performing artists when audition listings are more than just a "bulletin board" on which anyone can post anything.

"How often does Eperformer review and post submissions?"

Submissions are reviewed on an as-needed basis. That usually means that listings are updated two to three times weekly. In some cases, when traffic is heavy, they're updated more frequently.

"Do you send E-mail notifications of auditions?"

No. All audition notices that we have are posted in the various categories.

"What does that map of the U.S. mean next to an audition listing?"

When we started, we served only Colorado and the Front Range. As we began to expand, we identified any audition listing outside of the immediate area with the map of the U.S. As we continue to expand to be a more national service, the logo is becoming more superfluous and, eventually, it'll go away. But for our loyal base of Colorado users, it'll remain for the time being.

" says that it's 'Best viewed with Internet Explorer.' Does that mean I can't use other browsers?"

No. When we add content to, we test each page with a variety of browsers, including Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, and Web TV. We've try to keep the design as simple and straightforward to accommodate the widest range of browsers. But certain features simply work better with Internet Explorer. So we recommend its use with

"What do the red two-letter codes adjacent to audition listings on audition calendars mean?"

Next to each listing on audition calendars is a red code. In most cases, it's a simple two-letter code and it represents the state in which the performing arts opportunity exists. For example, the code CO indicates that the audition and the performing opportunity are in the same state (Colorado, in this example). Where there are two codes listed, such as IL|UT, the first indicates the location of the audition (Illinois) and the second indicates the location of the performing opportunity (Utah). In some cases, the second code may indicate multiple performing venues. For example, the code FL|Tour indicates that the audition takes place in Florida but the audition is for a tour which covers two or more states.

"Is it O.K. to include a link to on my web site?"

We'd love to have you include a link to on your performing arts web site or personal web page. All we ask is that you follow a few simple guidelines to make sure that the links continue to work.  Find out more ...

Still haven't found the answer to your question? You might also want to check out our policy statement. Or feel free to send your question to us in an E-mail at

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