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Our Policy

What We Are ...

 We're free.
Unlike some performing arts and audition resources on the Internet, it's our policy to remain free of charge, both to performing artists and to those organizations who post auditions with us. While we may eventually generate income in other ways (such as through our banner advertising), our pledge is to remain free to performers and arts organizations.

 We're an information service.
We provide information that we believe is pertinent to performers and performing arts organizations.

 We're geared toward performing arts professionals.
We try to list auditions that can potentially have some benefit to your career as a performing artist. So, we're less likely to include listings for those groups that are primarily social in nature (like community bands or social dance groups).

 We're local.
One of our short-term goals is to be the most complete audition listing anywhere in the Rocky Mountain region. As we continue to expand, we hope to provide that same level of thoroughness to other localities. (By the way, if you're looking for East coast or West coast auditions, there are a number of references on our Links pages to services that specialize in New York/L.A. auditions.)

What We're Not ...

 We're not your agent.
We don't represent anyone and we have no more "connections" than you do.

 We're not career counselors.
While we try to respond to all our E-mail, we can't give advice about your career, about specific auditions, or about how to break into show business.

 We're not a research service.
Unfortunately, we simply don't have the staff to be able to field research questions that are submitted to us. (Fortunately, there are lots of resources for that sort of thing online.)

 We're not free advertisement for scams.
We don't post audition listings from any organization that charges a fee to audition because the sole purpose of those organizations is usually to take money out of the pockets of idealistic performers and put it in theirs. (You do the math -- $75 x 500 auditioners x 50 cities ...)

Check out our Scamwatch section for details.

 We're not a listserver or E-mail list.
All auditions that we have information about are listed in their appropriate areas. We don't send information about specific auditions via e-mail, even if you request it. bears no responsibility for the accuracy or timeliness of auditions posted here. While we strive to maintain the highest level of accuracy, we have no control over the information provided to us.

If you have questions about a particular listing, please do not contact, as we include all information we have about each audition in the listing itself. Instead, use the contact number listed with the audition.

Still haven't found the answer to your question? You might also want to check out our FAQs. Or feel free to send your question to us in an E-mail at

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