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Performing Arts Organization Profiles

Would you like to see a profile of your arts organization posted here? Here are some guidelines.

Simply submit an E-mail to us at with information about your performing arts organization, including:

  • Let us know any historical information about your theatre, if you think it's pertinent, including any major productions or concerts you've produced.

  • Be sure to include complete information about any awards your organization may have won, grants you have received, etc.

  • If you wish, include general contact information, such as phone number, mailing address, E-mail address.  We'll put this in a separate "Vital Statistics" box on your profile page.

  • If you have a web site that you'd like us to link to, let us know the URL. We'll place the link on your profile page and we'll also add it to our appropriate Links section, as well; we'll also point to the profile we create from your link.

  • If you have a logo that you'd like included on your page, you can either (a) attach it to your E-mail message or (b) let us know where on the web we can find it. The logo should be in .GIF or .JPEG format.

  • If you have any "persons of status" associated with your organization, either as performers, creative staff, or on your board, you may want to include that information, too.

  • If your organization has a mission statement, a set of stated artistic or creative goals, a general philosophy, you might want to work that in somehow.

  • Most importantly, remember to gear your profile to performing artists. The whole point of these profiles is to help hook your organization up with the most qualified performers in your area. While the profile may have a fringe benefit of giving you a little free general publicity, the whole point of is to serve performers. So, while it might be of interest to the general population to know about the cost of your subscription series, it's probably more useful to performers to know, for example, what you look for at auditions, if you participate in any regional auditions, what types of performers you're likely to hire, etc.

We reserve the right to edit the information to keep it within our format.

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