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What's New

Last Updated: Saturday, April 15, 2000

We've redesigned the site again, this time simply because it's the only way we can accommodate the growing amount of information that has to offer. There are now section-specific tabbed menus at the top of each page.

A Profiles section has been added, where performing arts organizations can submit descriptions of their organizations and let performers know a little about what they expect from performers.  (Click here if you'd like for your performing arts organization to be profiled on

There's a new article in the Features section, entitled Training Your Voice, which provides some insights into what it takes to train and maintain on of your most valuable assets.

We've added an article in the Features section, entitled Regional Theatre: Multiplex of Tomorrow? It discusses the fare offered at regional theatres. To coincide with this feature, we've added a page of links to some of the better known regionals.

We've started garnering some web awards, so we've added an Awards page to keep track of them.

There's a new article in the Features section, entitled To Join or Not To Join, provides some insight for those considering joining a performing arts union. Additionally, there's a new page of Performing Arts Union Links in the Links section.

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